Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Part of the reason I started writing this blog is that I love to read them. One of my very favourites is by an artist / post-grad student in archaeology / knitter / author. For a year she was an exchange student in Oxford, and her list of memories inspired us to see some of the places mentioned. 

 We arrived early for an appointment and so we sheltered from the rain in Green's Cafe, 'with its uneven old floors, sagging couches, and selection of thirty-year-old books'. It was just as I had imagined it. There were doorways in unexplained places; posters for obscure lectures that only four or five people would understand the title of and good large cups of strong tea. As we were sitting there, a light-fitting came half off the ceiling over our heads. Nobody minded us waiting quietly nursing our cold hands round our cups until we needed to brave the damp streets again.

 After the appointment we searched out the second most memorable destination on Madeline's list, 'The Natural History Museum and the fact that you could touch anything'.

Oh the riches of serendipity! This isn't a museum filled with gold, or Impressionist investment pieces. It is a collection of collections: souvenirs, curiosities, stories from the past about how people lived and still do.

{Japanese Noh Masks}

 If you lived in Oxford your entire life you could still find new things to study here. Rather like reading Proust, you can't help feeling you can't look closely or slowly enough. Thank you Madeline for our great day out!

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  1. Wow, I am so flattered! I'm glad that my list inspired you - and that someone got to enjoy some of my favorite places in Oxford while I am still 3,000 miles away. I love your picture of the badger.