Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Moving Day

So, our new home isn't quite ready (well, at all) but our landlord decided he needed his house back, so we have packed our bags and moved to the countryside.

Many places can be called home. If they are warm and dry and are near cooking washing facilities, life can go on.

  Unfortunately for us, there is a huge gloomy black cloud over the UK right now. It is midsummer but the nights are cold, windy and very wet. Home is now our beautiful twenty-year-old bell tent.

 Even in a gale our tent barely flaps. The torrential rain sounds like a Samba band at night but we are dry. One night a rodent chewed its way right through the zip of our suitcase. We wonder what the attraction could be, there is no food in there. Luckily they must have been disappointed because they didn't return.

Our beloved tent is a simple haven giving us the freedom to be wherever we need or wish to be.

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